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Y Valves

Y Valves.

There are 3 types of Y Valves available.

Manual Aquavalve

manual_aquavalveThe Aquavalve® has been designed as a two way diverting Marine Valve to divert treated or untreated sewage into a holding tank or treatment system.

This valve is ideal for marine and industrial applications. Manufactured in a super tough glass reinforced nylon composite, the Aquavalve® is robust, and can handle hot or cold water, as well as waste treatment chemicals.

This valve is attached to the bulkhead where pipes are seen.

Electronic Aquavalve®

aquavalveThe Electronic Aquavalve® allows the diverting valve to be operated with the push of a button on the supplied control panel.

The indicators on the control panel show the current position of the valve. The valve has two positions ‘holding tank’ or ‘overboard’.

Electronic Aquavalve Control Panel.

aquavalve_controlGenerally supplied with Electronic Aquavalve®‘s on purchase, these panels can also be purchased as a stand alone item if such a need arises.

This panel gives the user control of the direction of effluent from the Aquavalve® to either a Holding Tank or Overboard.

Two lights on the panel clearly indicate the position the Aquavalve® is in – Overboard or Holding tank.

 (One control panel is always included with each Electronic Aquavalve®)

Designed to complement our Aquavalve® range, these hose adaptors allow for hose connections of the most popular sizes to and from our Aquavalve®‘s.

Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon composite material (as are a significant proportion of our products) these hose tail adaptors display high strength and high durability.