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At last…
an affordable and reliable onboard sewage treatment system.

For such a small compact unit, it’s no wonder this system is now the most popular solution amongst boat owners.

The amazing simplicity of this sturdy unit means you’ll never be caught out on the water again!


  • The Sani-Loo® system comes with complete installation instructions so you can install it yourself or by an approved installer.
  • The Sani-Loo® Onboard Sewage Treatment System treats the macerated sewage as it enters the treatment tank. A simple control box introduces a chemical solution that sanitizes the raw sewage killing the bacteria and rendering the waste 99% clear of harmful bacteria.
  • The treated waste can be pumped directly overboard in most areas unless you are in a nil discharge area. (In this case, it remains in the holding tank until the vessel is in an area where treated sewage can be discharged overboard.) Alternatively, the waste can be discharged at a shore-based pump-out station.
  • The control box is designed for the marine environment and operates on 12V DC drawing less than 200milliamps.
  • The main unit is a self-contained system with just one inlet and one outlet. The only other connection required is the connecting of the colour-coded wires from the junction box.
  • LED warning lights indicate tank levels and any malfunction of the system. (A remote LED indicator panel is available as an optional extra.)