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Commercial Applications

Mono Grifter G60 Grinder Pump

Proven: the Locally manufactured Mono Grifter G60 is capable of pumping over high lifts and long distance via small bore pipes up to market leading 6 bar for this size of pump. The pump and your system discharge flow at all pressures remains constant.

This ensures your system’s waste is emptied successfully at all times.

Therefore for installers and end users the Mono Grifter G60 Grinder Pump is proving to be the safe choice! 
Unknown installation details, for example, like final discharge pipe route and number of bends being greater than anticipated are accommodated successfully by the pump’s versatile performance characteristics.

  • Integral Macerator unit – hard stainless steel cutter macerates and
    shreds the solids into small particles.
  • INLET: 3″ BSP, OUTLET: 1″ 1/4 BSP
  • Elevated pressure capacity (6 bar)
  • Simple design
  • quick and easy maintenance;
  • Double bearings giving significantly better reliability than other units
  • The pump is easy to handle and clean.
  • Low speed running – long service life.
  • Seal system: Mechanical seal
  • No liquids leaking.
  • Cast iron body, stainless steel rotating parts.
  • Capacity: Up to 70lpm – Pressure: Up to 6 bar

Main Sani-Loo® Treatment System Controller (Temporarily Unavailable)

Commercial / industrial Level controller box to control 2 pumps (1 x 230/240 volt AC, 1 x 24 volt) and Sani-Loo® treatment system. IP65 rating for installation in the engine room. Can be linked to remote wheel house mounted display.

This unit is simple to operate and can be configured by the user to start and stop the pumps at user defined levels.

Typically this system is designed for large commercial application with multiple toilets (typically domestic type units) discharging into the primary tank (T1).

The black water is then macerated using our heavy duty Mono Grifter eliminator macerator pumps into a secondary tank. The macerated sewage can then be then treated through our Sani-Loo® treatment unit or units (900l/h per Sani-Loo unit).

smart switch

Treatment System Controller
Commercial / industrial Level controller box to control 2 pumps.

ac controller

SmartSwitch AC Controller
40amp relay, IP65 rating for installation in the engine room.


Remote Display
For indicating levels of tank in the wheelhouse.

saniloo install 1

Typical installation.
This system uses 2 Sani-Loo’s to treat up to 1800 L/h and meet grade “C” discharge requirements.