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Sani-Loo Models


Grades of Treatment
Australia – Grade ‘C’
USA – Class ‘1’ or Type ‘1’
Marpol – Macerated and Disinfectant System.

MF Series
MF-12-2525-CP 12 volt 25mm Inlet 25mm Outlet Pipes
MF-24-2525-CP 24 Volt 25mm Inlet 25mm Outlet Pipes

MF-12-4040-CP 12 volt 40mm Inlet 40mm Outlet Pipes
MF-24-4040-CP 24 Volt 40mm Inlet 40mm Outlet Pipes

MF Models fit the following Toilet Models
•    TMC – All Models
•    Jabsco 3700 Models
•    Raritan Sea Era
•    Sealand Vacuum Toilet
•    Lavac (Electric only models)

•    Johnson Aqua ‘T’ Toilets

•    Jabsco 37275 Model
•    MF Models will fit any electric toilet that has the macerator pump and waste pump on the same shaft
•    MF Models can be configured to pump out holding tanks which contain macerated sewage.

•    MF Models can be fitted to most toilets that have a separate water pump or solenoid to supply water.

XP-FH-12-2525-P 12 volt 25mm Inlet 25mm Outlet Pipes
XP-FH-24-2525-P 24 Volt 25mm Inlet 25mm Outlet Pipes

xp_touchXP Models have a flush mounted touch pad and has an automatic Fill-Flush-Fill cycle. These models are totally programmable from the touch pad. When the AUTO button is pushed the XP model will put water into the bowl (to soak up toilet paper), pause for two seconds, then empty the bowl, pause for another two seconds, then put water back into the bowl to make a water seal.

The XP models 3 stages can all be programmed to run from one second to twenty seconds.
The chemical dosing pump can also be controlled so every brand of toilet, whether it is below the water line or on the bridge or deck, ensures the correct amount of chemical is injected on each flush cycle.

XP models can be fitted to the same model toilets as the MF, plus all TECMA models.

NB: TECMA toilets must have their discharge pipe reduced from 38mm to 25mm at the toilet.