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How often do we have to fill the chemical tank?

This will depend on how regular the toilet is used, however typically the 7L tank capacity will last several months for vessels with 2-4 people on board.


What chemical is used and where can I find it?

Sodium hyprochlorite or liquid chlorine must be used. This can be obtained from your local hardware of pool shop. The low level chlorine indicator will indicate with approximately 1L left in the tank. It is recommended to top up using 5L at a time. The chemical must be replaced if the vessel is not used for long period of time.


Where can I discharge untreated waste?

The discharge of untreated waste is prohibited in a large number of water bodies. Refer to our resources section to navigate to your specific area of operation.


Where can I have my Sani-loo serviced?

Routine inspections and servicing is essential to ensure the system operates efficiently and effectively. The user manual provides information on inspection and servicing requirements. We also offer a cost effective maintenance service. Units can be couriered to us for testing, servicing and repairs. We can normally have the unit ready to be returned to our clients within 48hrs. Please review our servicing section click here.