Shuts the toilet down so it when the holding tank is full it wont pump the sewage  out the vent.

Can be wired to provide indication for full tank vie remote LED (supplied seperately).

Part # (HTLS)


Sani-Loo® Holding Tanks are custom-made to suit you vessel and to complement the Onboard Sewage Treatment System.

They can be fabricated to your specifications using a range of materials, including stainless steel. Please discuss your needs with your representative.

A Sani-Loo® Level Control Switch (HTLS) is recommended. When used with the Sani-Loo® Control Box, it will automatically shut down the toilet when the holding tank is full, preventing sewage from being pumped out the vent.

The Sani-Loo® Level Control Switch can also be supplied to fit existing installations.

Holding Tanks – One Piece Rota-Molded Polyethelene (Plus Fittings)

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